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Doha Launches 2016 Bid, Unveils Logo, Tagline, Website

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Doha’s bid for the 2016 Summer Olympic Games was officially launched Thursday at an event on the shore of the city, where the bid’s new logo, tagline, and new “state-of-the-art” website was unveiled.

According to a Doha 2016 media release thousands of people gathered along the coastal Corniche highway to watch the event which featured aerial acrobatic displays and ended with a “spectacular” firework display over the sea.

Doha 2016 Logo

At the event the new bid logo was projected onto a water screen rising from the sea and then onto the side of the high-rise Olympic Tower in the city.

Doha 2016 Bid Committee Chairman Hassan Ali Bin Ali said at the launch, “hosting the Olympic and Paralympic Games in Doha in 2016 would bring the Olympic flame to the Arabic-speaking world for the very first time and extend the Olympic ideals to millions of new hearts and minds. Our vision for the Games will be focused on the world’s youth. It is among the young people of this region and the rest of the world that we must nourish these core values of respect, tolerance, understanding and hope, and through these ideals offer them an opportunity to effect great and positive changes to the world that they will inherit”.

The Doha 2016 tagline “Celebrating Change” is a celebration “about unity and friendship; it is about optimism and commemorating change; it is open and welcoming; it overcomes barriers to cultures and peoples’ it honours achievement. The Olympic Games themselves are among the world’s greatest celebrations. And in 2016, hopefully, Doha will host the greatest celebration the Olympic Movement has ever seen”, said Mr. Hassan.

He said, “our bid logo represents a celebratory message for a truly energetic and spirited 2016 Olympic and Paralympic Games in Doha”.

The new Doha 2016, website, www.doha2016.org, is in English, French and Arabic.

Mr. Hassan has said, “the Doha 2016 bid is an extremely serious bid. We are absolutely ready to host the Olympic and Paralympic Games in 2016. Hosting the Games in Doha in 2016 would bring the Olympic flame to the Arabic-speaking world for the first time, extending the Olympic ideals to millions of new hearts and minds”.

Mike Lee, an adviser to Doha 16 and director of communications for the London 2012 bid said Doha set a remarkable example by staging the 15th Asian Games last December. He said Wednesday, “I think Doha set a fine example by staging what was a hugely successful edition of the Asian Games in 2006. A lot was achieved by holding the Games and Doha won a fair amount of international recognition for its efforts”.

He said, “what Doha needs to do is let the world know about its sports diversity, its educational programs for the youth of the country and vibrancy that people get to see in this modern city. I think this bid will help them do just that”. He added that Doha’s bid will be unique.

The Gulf Times reports with most of the infrastructure already in place – Qatar having hosted the Asian Games successfully in 2006 – there are no major plans as of now to build new facilities for the Games, except for a velodrome and a baseball stadium, if baseball is included in 2016. The capacity of the 50,000-seat Khalifa Stadium will be increased to 60,000 according to the IOC’s requirement and some other venues will also be upgraded, reports the publication. But a new Athletes Village would have to be built. Write or read comments about this article

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