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Doha 2016 Reveals Olympic Bid Logo

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The Doha 2016 Olympic bid committee has revealed its campaign logo in a gala celebration today.

Along with the logo - a green and purple representation of an aldahma flower - is the tagline "celebrating change".

The bid committee describes the logo:

The Doha 2016 Olympic and Paralympic Games Bid represents the hopes and aspirations of Qatar. The Bid is seen through the present, but also inspired by the past.

Qatar’s present is full of energy, driven by its booming economy and its highly-educated citizens. Qatar’s past is a rich heritage, deeply rooted in its people’s hearts and minds. The logo’s design represents the blossoming of these elements leading growth in Qatar.

Doha 2016 Logo

The Aldahma – the ‘Flower of the Spring’ – was chosen to represent the vital and energetic spirit of the season. The Aldahma’s natural habitat in the sands of the desert draws a parallel with the vibrant and colourful life flourishing in the State of Qatar.

The calligraphy strokes making the words ‘Doha 2016’ are a unique manipulation of the traditional organic Henna patterns that women use to adorn their hands and arms as part of social and holiday celebrations.
The dynamic interaction between the Arabic calligraphy and the English type is an interpretation of modernity.

The logo is a welcoming message for a truly energetic and celebratory 2016 Olympic and Paralympic Games in Doha.

The logo was created by students at the Virginia Commonwealth University School of the Arts in Qatar (VCUQ).

The bid committee describes the tagline “Celebrating Change”

The Olympic and Paralympic Games are among the world’s greatest celebrations.

Celebration is about unity and friendship; it is about optimism and commemorating change; it is open, welcoming, fun and universally appealing; it overcomes barriers to cultures and peoples; it honours achievement.

Doha promises to host the greatest celebration the Olympic Movement has ever seen. The 2016 Olympic and Paralympic Games will celebrate:

- the immensely positive social, economic and political changes that the Olympic Games would bring to this entire region – and to the wider world
- the new hope that hosting the Olympic Games in Doha will bring to this region and the changes that will blossom out of that hope
- the new friendships and understandings between competitors, spectators and people that will extend far beyond the Olympic Games themselves
- a new sporting future in the Arab world for millions of Arab sportsmen and women
- the momentous changes that have already taken place in Qatar – and will continue to take place thanks to hosting the Olympic and Paralympic Games in Doha in 2016.

A 2016 Olympic and Paralympic Games hosted by Doha will change the world. That will indeed be a change to celebrate. Write or read comments about this article

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