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Continents May Be Rotated To Host Olympics – IOC President

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International Olympic Committee (IOC) President Jacques Rogge, interviewed for the Beijing 2008 official website, talked about the reforms taken place within the IOC in recent years. He said, “we have tried to limit the size, the complexity, and also the Gigantism of the Olympic Games and therefore we have set a limit of 28 sports, of 10,500 athletes and also we have taken 170 different measures that are slowly being implemented now, and we will come to about 100 per cent of these measures in Beijing, and this will ensure that in the future the Games are better organized and also that they are affordable for more cities in the world, that not only big and rich cities can organize them, but also mid-size cities”.

When asked if developing countries will have more opportunities to host the Games Rogge said, “yes, absolutely. This is what we want to have and we are sure that this is going to bring out very good results in the future”.

He said the IOC “definitely would love to see the continents that have not yet organized the Games like Africa or Latin America do that in the future. “I cannot tell you exactly when, but I will see it in my life I hope and I think that there will be Games in these continents”.

He added, “we believe in the near future we can determine the host country under this rotating system. As of now, we haven’t set a timetable for starting this system”. Write or read comments about this article

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