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New Guidelines For Beijing Police Ahead Of 2008 Games

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New guidelines were announced Friday for Beijing police to clean up Beijing’s image ahead of the 2008 Summer Olympic Games, reports the official Xinhua News Agency.

Police officers are under new orders to lose their arrogance, clean up their foul language, and are told not to hang up when citizens call to report crimes.

According to police surveys the common complaint against officers in big cities like Beijing is a bad attitude, with Xinhua saying authorities often respond to calls for help by saying ‘ “it’s nothing to do with me. Go and bug someone else”. Or “no evidence?” Then don’t bother us”.

Xinhua reports the municipal police authority has circulated a code of conduct pamphlet that shows how to project a “sympathetic and police image”, and beginning in August, officers will be penalized for any infractions. Violators will be subject to penalties including reprimands, fines or disciplinary action.

The code also bans officers from sounding sirens unnecessarily, hanging up on people who report crimes, or responding with indifference to people needing help. Officials said penalties would be based on reports from undercover inspectors and whistle-blowers”. Write or read comments about this article

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