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Chicago Chosen to Bid for 2016 Olympic Games

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Chicago was selected to bid for the 2016 Olympic Games by the United States Olympic Committee Saturday afternoon. The USOC’s voted at their board meeting in Washington D.C. after watching presentations from the two cities in the running. USOC Chairman Peter Ueberroth made the announcement

Chicago has never hosted the Olympic Games and will now face international cities including Tokyo, Rome, Madrid and Rio de Janeiro for the honor. The final International Olympic Committee decision will take place in 2009 in Copenhagen.

Los Angeles was also hoping to get the nod – that city last hosted the Games in 1984 and also failed to win the USOC nomination in 2002 when New York was chosen to bid for the 2012 Olympic Games instead. The city outlasted competitors from San Francisco, Houston and Philadelphia.

Chicago plans to center its venues on the downtown lakefront and build a new, down scaleable Olympic Stadium should they win the Games
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