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Qatar 2016 Bid Gets Support From OCA President

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Sheikh Ahmad al-Fahad, President of the Olympic Counsel of Asia (OCA) said Tuesday that Qatar has the facilities to host the 2016 Summer Olympic Games and its handling of the ongoing Asian Games proves it can be a realistic candidate.

Al Fahad told a press conference in Doha “there is no doubt that it is a lawful dream for the Qataris to look beyond the Asian Games, and we will throw our weight behind them. Since there is no dispute over the venues, facilities, equipment and hospitality we have witnessed in Qatar, I would like to say also there is nothing to worry about regarding the attendance should the Qatari’s campaign be successful”.

He added, “they already have 80 per cent of the needs required for the Olympics – the same as Seoul in 1988 and Beijing before they won the right to the 2008 Games”.

Qatar said it will officially launch a 2016 bid in January. Write or read comments about this article

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