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Sapporo Japan Opts Out Of 2016 Summer Bid

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The Japan Economic Newswire reports sources close to Sapporo Mayor Fumio Ueda saying that the city of Sapporo is opting out of bidding for the 2016 Summer Olympic Games because it would be a financial burden for the city. This leaves Tokyo and Fukuoka as the remaining Japanese candidates for the 2016 Games.

The Mayor is expected to officially announce the decision next Tuesday at a session of the city assembly.

Ueda has said he will make a decision depending on the outcome of an opinion poll conducted on residents last December, which showed 33.3 per cent in favour of and 35.3 per cent against hosting the Games.

The city estimates it would have to shoulder about 250 billion yen of the at least 1.8 trillion yen it would likely cost to host the event.

The Sapporo city assembly adopted a resolution in March of last year calling on the city government to bid for the Games.

Sapporo hosted the 1972 Winter Games, Tokyo hosted the 1964 Games, and Fukuoka has not hosted any Olympics. Write or read comments about this article

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