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Rio 2012 Gets Support From Three Levels Of Government

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Rio’s bid to host the 2012 Summer Olympic Games will receive support from three levels of government.

The budget for Rio’s bid is $23.3 million (U.S.). Rio’s municipal government will kick in $14 million (U.S.) and the remaining $9.3 million (U.S.) will come from the city, state and federal governments in the form of services and human resources.

Should the city win the bid it’s initial budget will be $2.005 billion (U.S.) which will be raised by Rio’s organizing committee from private corporations, the three levels of government and through financial contributions from the International Olympic Committee amounting to $1.020 billion (U.S.).

Also, the three governments and private corporations will invest more than $4 billion (U.S.) in infrastructure projects for the city.

Rio’s 2012 bid presentation took place at the Navy school in downtown Rio in front of more than 800 people including sports officials, athletes, entrepreneurs, and politicians.

Rio’s Mayor Cesar Maia, co-present of the Candidacy Committee said, “Rio has elaborated a groundbreaking project that, for the first time in history, will enable the entire Olympic Games to be held in one city within a radius of 16 miles. Another point in Rio’s favour is the hosting of the 2007 Pan American Games. They will be like our midterm exam, when we’ll detect mistakes that have to be corrected for the Olympic Project”.

If Rio is the 2012 host city the Opening Ceremony would take place on July 13 and the Closing Ceremony would be July 29. Write or read comments about this article

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