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Rio 2016 Employees Fired After Theft

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Ten employees of the Rio 2016 committee were fired after they were caught stealing computer files from British organizers during the London 2012 Summer Games.

The Associated Press reports that British and Brazilian organizers said Friday that Rio employees, working alongside London staff in the technology department, had downloaded internal documents without authorization. The Brazilian employees worked with London organizers during the Games as part of an official "transfer of knowledge program" between Olympic host cities.

The Rio 2016 committee said the 10 employees were engaging in conduct "contrary to the ethical principles and mutual trust shared by the two organizations".

The committee issued a statement saying "those involved were identified, and the leadership of Rio 2016 and LOCOG acted jointly and quickly to repair the situation. All of the documents were recovered and returned, and the employees were dismissed by Rio 2016".

The nature and content of the London files weren't known, but London officials said the documents would probably have been provided to Rio 2016 had they requested them.

Brazilian journalist Juca Kfouri was the first to report the incident Thursday. According to his report the London files included information about strategic planning and security.

International Olympic Committee (IOC) spokesman Mark Adams told The Associated Press "it's an issue between Rio and London, which they have dealt with".

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